Subtitle Spacetime Destruction-God
(時空破壊神,   Jikū Hakai-shin?)
Nicknames Zegun
Type Aquatic Bioweapon Kaiju
Home world To be added
Height Geed: 58 meters[1]

Taiga: 57 meters[2]

Weight 47,000 tons[1][2]
First appearance Ultraman Geed Episode 14: Shadows of Shadows (2017)
Latest appearance Ultraman Taiga Episode 1: Buddy Go! (2019)
Relations Alien Shadow (creators)
Enemies Ultraman Geed,
Ultraman Zero
Portrayed by Hiroyuki Arai
Roars To be added

Zegan (ゼガン,   Zegan?) is a bioweapon kaiju that first appeared in episode fourteen of the 2017 television series Ultraman Geed.


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Ultraman Geed

Shadows of Shadows


Zegan in Shadows of Shadows

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Child of Battle

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The Symbol of Geed

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Ultraman Taiga

Buddy Go!

Zegan 2019

Zegan in Ultraman Taiga

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Zegant Beam

Zegan Beam

Zegant Beam

Zegan can fire a powerful, blue beam from his chest, which causes an explosion on contact. The explosion then creates an interdimensional vortex that sucks in the explosion and anything that is close enough to be caught in the vortex. When Ultraman Geed transformed into Geed Magnificent, Zegan fired his Zegant Beam at Geed and the Ultra fired his Big Bustaway at the monster with both attacks hitting at the same time. This caused the two beam attacks to spiral upward and converge into a large interdimensional portal, pulling in anything nearby.

Claw Lightning


Claw Lightning

Zegan can fire red electrical bolts from both of his claws.


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