Subtitle Normal
Capsule Monster
(カプセル怪獣,   Kapuseru Kaijū?)

Maquette and Fire:
Maquette Monster
(マケット怪獣,   Maketto Kaijū?)

Nicknames Windam
Type Mechanical Capsule Monster
Height Showa & Heisei:
40 meters[1][2]

Reiwa: 65 meters[3]

Weight Normal: 23,000 tons[3]

Maquette: 10,000 tons[1]
Fire: 11,000 tons[2]

Forms Normal, Maquette, Fire
Relations Ultraseven (master),
Miclas (partner),
Agira (partner),
Crew GUYS (creators and masters),
STORAGE (creators and masters),
Sevenger (partner)
Allies Ultraseven, Miclas, Agira,
Enemies Varies, Ultraseven
Portrayed by To be added
First appearance Ultraseven episode 1,
The Invisible Challenger (1967)
Latest appearance Ultraman Z episode 25,
Warriors Shining Beyond (2020)

Windom (ウインダム,   Uindamu?) is a capsule monster that first appeared in the first episode of the 1967 television series Ultraseven.


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The Invisible Challenger

Windom in The Invisible Challenger

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Return to the North!

Windom in Return to the North!

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The Seven Assassination Plan (Part 1)

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Heisei Ultraseven

The Day the Fruit Ripens

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I Am an Earthling

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Ultraman Mebius

Mother's Miracle

Maquette Windom

Maquette Windom in Mother's Miracle

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One Road

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The Chief Inspector's Message

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The Champion of the Fierce Fight

Maquette Windom alongside Mebius and Maquette Miclas in The Champion of the Fierce Fight

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The Return of Yapool

Fire Windom

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The Hopes of Comrades

Fire Windom against Roberuga in The Hopes of Comrades

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Immortal Glozam

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Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends the Movie

Windom alongside Agira and Miclas in Ultra Galaxy Legends the Movie

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Ultraman Z

Windom alongside Z Alpha Edge in Ultraman Z

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Laser Shot

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Fire Shot

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Windom's roars are reused from Mechani-Kong's roars, albeit in a lower-pitch.


  • During the production of Ultraseven, Windom was intended to fight the monster Rigger in episode thirty-two, The Wandering Planet. However, in hopes of improving the series' ratings at the time of its airing, Eiji Tsuburaya decided to introduce a new capsule monster instead, Agira.


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