Ultraman Series
Return of Ultraman
Second opening of Ultraseven
Air date October 1, 1967 - September 8, 1968 (Japan)
Producer(s) TBA
Distributor Tsuburaya Productions
Genre(s) Kyodai Hero
Channel(s) Tokyo Broadcasting System
Episodes 49
Number 3
"Ultraseven (series)" redirects here. For the Heisei series, see Ultraseven (Heisei series)

Ultraseven (ウルトラセブン,   Urutorasebun?) is a tokusatsu Kyodai Hero television series produced by Tsuburaya Productions and is the third entry of the Ultraman Series. It ran from October 1st, 1967 to September 8th, 1968 in Japan through Tokyo Broadcasting System.


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  1. The Invisible Challenger
  2. The Green Terror
  3. The Secret of the Lake
  4. Max, Acknowledge
  5. The Negated Hours
  6. The Dark Zone
  7. Space Prisoner 303
  8. The Targeted Town
  9. Android Zero Directive
  10. The Suspicious Neighbor
  11. Fly to Devil's Mountain
  12. From Another Planet With Love
  13. The Man from V3
  14. Westward, Ultra Garrison (Part 1)
  15. Westward, Ultra Garrison (Part 2)
  16. Shining Eyes in the Darkness
  17. Underground: Go! Go! Go!
  18. Escape from Area X
  19. Project Blue
  20. Smash Epicenter X
  21. Pursue the Undersea Base
  22. The Human Ranch
  23. Find Tomorrow
  24. Return to the North!
  25. Showdown at 140 Degrees Below Zero
  26. Super Weapon R-1
  27. Operation: Cyborg
  28. The 700 Kilometer Run!
  29. The Forsaken Earthman
  30. For Whom Takes the Glory
  31. The Devil Who Dwells in a Flower
  32. The Wandering Planet
  33. The Dead Invaders
  34. The Vanishing City
  35. Horror on the Moon
  36. The 0.1 Second Kill
  37. The Stolen Ultra Eye
  38. The Courageous Battle
  39. The Seven Assassination Plan (Part 1)
  40. The Seven Assassination Plan (Part 2)
  41. The Challenge from the Water
  42. Ambassador of the Nonmalt
  43. Nightmare on Planet 4
  44. The Terrifying Super-Simian
  45. The Boy Who Cried Flying Saucer
  46. The Duel: Dan vs. Seven
  47. Who Are You?
  48. The Greatest Invasion in History (Part 1)
  49. The Greatest Invasion in History (Part 2)



Ultra Guard

  • Dan Moroboshi
  • Kaoru Kiriyama
  • Shigeru Furuhashi
  • Anne Yuri
  • Soga
  • Amagi

Ultra Heroes

Monsters and Aliens


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