Ultraman Z
Ultraman Z (Original)
Race Ultra
Human host Haruki Natsukawa
Transformation Device Z Riser
Weapon(s) Z Lance Arrow, Beliarok
Home world Land of Light
Height 52 meters[1][2]
Weight Original:
33,000 metric tons[1][2]

Alpha Edge:
35,000 metric tons[1]
Beta Smash:
42,000 metric tons[1]
Gamma Future:
32,000 metric tons[1]

Forms Original,
Alpha Edge,
Beta Smash,
Gamma Future
Relations Ultraman Zero (mentor), Ultraman Ace (godfather),
Ultraman Geed (ally),
Inter Galactic Defense Force,
Ultraman Trigger (ally)
Suit actors Hideyoshi Iwata
Voice actors Tasuku Hatanaka
Created by Masayuki Goto[3]
First appearance Ultraman Z episode 1,
"Chant My Name!" (2020)
Latest appearance Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z (2022)
This article is about the character. For the television series, see Ultraman Z (series).

Ultraman ZZett (ウルトラマンゼット,   Urutoraman Zetto?) is an Ultra that first appeared in the first episode the 2020 television series Ultraman Z.


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Ultraman Z

Z against Genegarg in "Chant My Name!"

Flying through space, Ultraman Z was in pursuit of the monster Genegarg, who had been corrupted by a Devil Splinter. Once Z managed to catch up with the kaiju, the two engaged in battle with Genegarg firing energy missiles at the Ultra. Z's mentor, Ultraman Zero appeared and stopped the missiles before could reach Z. The two Ultras tried to keep following the monster, however, Genegarg spat a meteor from his mouth at Z and Zero. Bullton suddenly emerged from the meteor and with its dimensional powers, the life-form began to transport Ultraman Zero into another dimension. Before being swallowed up by Bullton's inter-dimensional portal, Zero entrusts his pupil with a Z Riser and three Ultra Medals. Ultraman Z continued to follow Genegarg as the monster fled to Earth, where their battle resumed. STORAGE member Haruki Natsukawa was allowed to pilot the mecha Sevenger to help stop the chaos. Once Haruki saw the Ultra as an ally, the two fought Genegarg together, until the monster the monster fired an energy beam, which defeated the Ultra and killed Haruki. In order to be revived, Haruki and Ultraman Z bond together as one, to which the Ultra reveled his name and presented a Z Riser. Using the three medals Ultraman Zero gave Z, Haruki activates the Z Riser and transforms to a new form, Ultraman Z Alpha Edge. The Ultra and Genegarg engaged in battle once more, this time with Z getting the upper hand. Once the Ultra lead the kaiju into the sky, he fired his Zestium Ray and destroyed Genegarg once and for all, to which Z flew away in the shape of the letter "Z."

Z Alpha Edge against Zeppandon in "First Juggling"

After many battles against more monsters and obtaining another form, Ultraman Z Beta Smash, Z would face Peguila. This monster proved to be too strong for the Ultra to handle, however, Peguila was previously sealed in the arctic by an ancient relic known as the Z Lance Arrow. The artifact sensed Ultraman Z's peril and teleported to the Ultra. With the Z Lance Arrow now in grasp, Z managed to defeat Peguila, however, the captain of STORAGE, Shota Hebikura, was watching the battle, secretly revealed his true identity as Jugglus Juggler and transformed into Zeppandon to face against the Ultra. However, Zeppandon was no match for Ultraman Z and the Z Lance Arrow.

Z Alpha Edge alongside Geed Galaxy Rising in "The Man Returns!"

Later, Gillvalis, who had been revived by the Devil Splinters, arrived on Earth to destroy all life once more. STORAGE mechas Windom and Sevenger attempted to fight against the last judgementor, but stood no chance. Suddenly, another Ultra, Ultraman Geed appeared and destroyed Gillvalis. However, Gillvalis's core survived and began rebuilding itself. Once it was partially rebuilt, it and continued its rampage. Riku Asakura transformed into Ultraman Geed Galaxy Rising and Haruki Natsukawa into Ultraman Z Alpha Edge, however Gillvalis was too powerful. Yuka Ota then managed to create a virus that disabled the mecha long enough for the two Ultras to destroy Gillvalis. The virus was transported to Windom, who then infected Gillvalis by striking its chest. With the mecha frozen, the two Ultras fired their beam attack together, which destroyed Gillvalis and its core for good.

Z Alpha Edge alongside Geed Galaxy Rising and Zero in "His Majesty's Medal"

Shinya Kaburagi, possessed by Celebro, then summoned a group of Valis Raiders to capture Riku so the Belial Factors could be extracted from him to create an Ultraman Belial medal. Haruki attempted to rescue Riku, but was overwhelmed by the Vallis Raiders. Z then took control of Haruki, becoming human sided and fighting them off alongside Yoko Nakashima. Even though Riku was saved, Celebro still had managed to create an Ultraman Belial medal, which he used them to summon the fusion monsters Skull Gomora, Thunder Killer and Pedanium Zetton. Ultraman Z and Geed were overwhelmed by the three monsters until Ultraman Zero returned from Bullton's hyper-space. Now with Zero on their side, the three Ultras then charged at the fusion monsters and destroyed them with a combination of Zero's Wide Zero Shot, Geed's Wrecking Phoenix, and Z's Zestium Ray. Leaving the safety of Earth in Haruki and Z's care, Riku and Zero then fly off into space to deal with more monsters wreaking havoc due to the Devil Splinters.

Z Gama Future in "The Mystic Power"

Afterwards, Ultraman Z would then fight against Tri-King, another fusion monster summoned by the Celebro possessed Shinya Kaburagi. Z was able to fight the monster easily, however, once Celebro obtains the Reicubas and Gan-Q medals, he transformed Tri-King into the more powerful Five King. As Ultraman Z was struggling to fight against the monster, Juggler notices and decides to give the Ultra three Ultra Medals, Ultraman Tiga, Dyna and Gaia. Using the three medals, Haruki activates the Z Riser and transforms Z into a new form, Ultraman Z Gamma Future. With Gamma Future's phantasmagorical abilities, Z manages to overwhelm Five King, to which the Ultra then killed Five King by freezing it entering inside the monster's body and destroying its organs with his Zestium Beam.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

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Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

"Inter Universe"

Z alongside Trigger in "Inter Universe"

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"The Propagating Invasion"

Z and Trigger against King Joe STORAGE Custom in "The Propagating Invasion"

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Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z

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Ultraman Z Alpha Edge

Ultraman Z Alpha Edge's rise in Ultraman Z

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Ultraman Z Beta Smash

Ultraman Z Beta Smash's rise in Ultraman Z

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Ultraman Z Gamma Future

Ultraman Z Gamma Future's rise in Ultraman Z

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Ultraman Z Delta Rise Claw

Ultraman Z Delta Rise Claw's rise in Ultraman Z

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Ultraman Z Original

  • Energy Projectile: To be added
  • Zestium Ray: To be added
  • Energy Kick: To be added

Ultraman Z Alpha Edge

  • Enhanced Senses: To be added
  • Z Sluggers: To be added
  • Alpha Chain Blades: To be added
  • Barrier: To be added
  • Zestium Maser: To be added
  • Space Martial Arts: To be added
  • Flaming Kick: To be added

Ultraman Z Beta Smash

Beta Crescent Slash

  • Beta Crescent Slash: To be added
  • Zestium Upper: To be added
  • Swallow Kick: To be added

Ultraman Z Gamma Future

  • Zestium Drive: To be added

Gamma Illusion

  • Gamma Illusion: To be added
  • Gamma Freezer: To be added
  • Gamma Through: To be added

Z Riser

To be added

Z Lance Arrow

  • Lance Cutter: To be added
  • Arrow Shot: To be added
  • Z Lance Fire: To be added
  • Z Ice Arrow: To be added


  • Deathcium Slash: To be added
  • Deathcium Claw: To be added
  • Deathcium Fang: To be added


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Fusion Forms



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  • Ultraman Z's three Ultra Fusion forms represent the three eras of Japan that the Ultraman series ran in. The Ultra's Alpha Edge form represents the Reiwa era, Beta Smash represents the Showa era, and Gamma Future represents Japan's Heisei era.


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