Ultraman Trigger
Ultraman Trigger in his Multi Type form
Race Ultra
Human host Kengo Manaka
(Ultraman Trigger),
Ignis (Trigger Dark)
Transformation Device GUTS Sparklence
Weapon(s) Circle Arms
Home world TBA
Height 53 meters[1][2]
Weight 44,000 metric tons[1][2]
Forms Multi Type,
Power Type,
Sky Type,
Trigger Dark,
Glitter Trigger Eternity
Relations TBA
Suit actors Hideyoshi Iwata
Voice actors Raiga Terasaka
Created by Masayuki Goto
First appearance Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga (2021)
This article is about the character. For the television series, see Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga.

Ultraman Trigger (ウルトラマントリガー,   Urutoraman Torigā?) is an Ultra that first appeared in the 2021 television series Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga.


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Originally a member of the Giants of Darkness, Trigger helped them acquire the Eternity Core, which would allow them to turn the world into darkness. Trigger eventually changed and became a Giant of Light who strived to defeat the Giants of Darkness. After defeating the Dark Giants, Ultraman Trigger sealed a "terrifying darkness" away in space. However, in doing so, the Ultra had used up all of his energy. Trigger would then went to rest on a red planet inside an upside down pyramid, alongside the Circle Arms. The Ultra would continue to sleep for a millennia, until the Giants of Darkness returned. Once they did, their first victims were a settlement on the red planet, Mars. While the Mars colony was under attack by Golba, GUTS-Select member Kengo Manaka managed to find Ultraman Trigger and the two would merge into one. After defeating Golba and its master Carmeara, Kengo and Ultraman Trigger would go on to change the destiny of his team and Earth.[1]


Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Trigger in Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

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Upon using the GUTS Sparklence, Kengo Manaka transforms into Ultraman Trigger. The Ultra can appear in five forms: Multi Type, Power Type, Sky Type, Trigger Dark, and Glitter Trigger Eternity.

Multi Type

Ultraman Trigger Multi Type's rise in Ultraman Trigger

Being well rounded and balancing both power and speed, Trigger's Multi Type (マルチタイプ,   Maruchi Taipu?) is capable of fighting in many standard conditions. While in this form, the Circle Arms will be used as the Multi Sword.

Power Type

When his opponent is very powerful and heavy, Trigger will transform into his Power Type (パワータイプ,   Pawā Taipu?) form. This form focuses on physical strength and hand-to-hand combat rather than speed. When in this form, Circle Arms will become the Power Claw.

Sky Type

The Sky Type (スカイタイプ,   Sukai Taipu?) form utilizes speed and quick attacks, with less power. While the opportunity is there, Ultraman Trigger will use the agility of Sky Type to catch his opponents off guard. Circle Arms converts into the Sky Arrow while Trigger is in this form.

Trigger Dark

Once the Giants of Darkness defeated Trigger and had Kengo separated from him, Ultraman Trigger became Trigger Dark (トリガーダーク,   Torigā Dāku?). Originally a member of the Giants of Darkness, Trigger attempted to help them acquire the Eternity Core. After Ultraman Trigger reunited with Kengo, Trigger Dark's essence would go on to Ignis, who can transform into Trigger Dark by using a GUTS Hyper Key and his Black Sparklence.

Glitter Trigger Eternity

Upon receiving a fragment of the Eternity Core from Yuzare through Yuna Shizuma, Kengo was able to transform into Glitter Trigger Eternity (グリッタートリガーエタニティ,   Gurittā Torigā Etaniti?) separately from Tigger Dark. This form bears a special trinity Color timer called the Triangle Crystal (トライアングルクリスタル,   Toraianguru Kurisutaru?), which contains the essence of the Multi, Power and Sky Types.


Multi Type

Zeperion Beam

The Zeperion Beam (ゼペリオン光線,   Zeperion Kōsen?) is the special beam attack of Trigger's Multi Type form.

Power Type

Deracium Beam Torrent

Deracium Beam Torrent (デラシウム光流,   Derashiumu Kōryū?) is the special attack of the Ultra's Power Type form.

Sky Type

Runboldt Beam Shell

The Runboldt Beam Shell (ランバルト光弾,   Ranbaruto Kōdan?) is Ultraman Trigger's Sky Type's special attack.

Trigger Dark

Runboldt Beam Shell

Dark Zeperion Ray (ランバルト光弾,   Ranbaruto Kōdan?) is the signature beam attack of Trigger Dark, created when he forms his arms in an "L" posture.

Glitter Trigger Eternity

Glitter Zeperion Beam

Glitter Zeperion Beam (グリッターゼペリオン光線,   Gurittā Zeperion Kōsen?) is Glitter Trigger Eternity's special a beam attack. The beam consists of an extreme power that Trigger himself can barley control.


Circle Arms

The Circle Arms is Trigger's special weapon that can transform depending on Trigger's form. As Multi Type, Trigger will use the Circle Arms as a blade known as the Multi Sword (マルチソード,   Maruchi Sōdo?). As Power Type, the weapon will appear as the Power Claw (パワークロー,   Pawā Kurō?). Last, Circle Arms will become a bow called the Sky Arrow (スカイアロー,   Sukai Arō?) while Trigger is in Sky Type from.

Glitter Blade

The Glitter Blade (グリッターブレード,   Gurittā Burēdo?) is a weapon that is created from Trigger's Triangle Crystal color timer when in the Glitter Trigger Eternity form. Trigger himself is barely able to control the energy contained in the blade.


Like Ultra Heroes before him, Trigger can only battle for about three minutes, which is indicated by his color timer. Agedly, his color timer will blink red before the time is up. If defeated, or the three minutes are up, Trigger will revert back to Kengo Manaka, who will retain Trigger's wounds. Trigger proved no match for Carmeara's Curse of Darkness. Once casted upon Ultraman Trigger, he was unable to escape, however, he was still alive. It was not until Kengo was sent into a portal back in time and left Trigger when the Ultra was defeated, with his color timer and eyes ceasing to glow and falling to the ground. The curse was then able to consume Trigger and revert him back to his original form, Trigger Dark.

Due to Glitter Trigger Eternity being created from a fragment of the Eternity Core, Trigger could barely manage the shear power he now bears. When firing the Glitter Zeperion Beam, Trigger would stumble about and was just able to keep to beam stable. It was not until he trained with Ultraman Ribut in episode 15, when Trigger was finally able to control Glitter Trigger Eternity's power.


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