Ultraman Ribut

Ultraman Ribut 2

Ultraman Ribut CGI

Race Ultra
Human host Terasawa (Upin and Ipin)
Height 50 meters
Weight 40,000 metric tons
First appearance Upin and Ipin Season 8, Episode 25 (2014)
Latest appearance Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes (2019)
Relations DRF,
Galaxy Rescue Force,
New Generation Heroes
Suit actors To be added
Voice actors Wataru Komada (JP)

Ultraman Ribut (ウルトラマンリブット,   Urutoraman Ributto?) is an Ultra that first appeared in episode 25 of season 8 of the series Upin and Ipin. He later appeared in the 2019 mini series Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes.


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Not much is known of Ultraman Ribut other than the fact that he is part of the (Galaxy Rescue Force,   ギャラクシーレスキューフォース?, Gyarakushī Resukyū Fōsu), which is his world's counterpart to the Space Garrison of the Nebula M78 universe.


Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

Ultraman Ribut 2019

Ultraman Ribut in Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

Ultraman Ribut arrived on Planet Liquitor to rescue a lone Ragon who was being attacked by Peguila. The Ultra battled the monster and then killed it with his Galaxium Blaster attack. With the kaiju defeated, Ribut then insured the grateful Ragon's safety, he suddenly received an Ultra Sign from Ultraman Taro. The sign said for Ribut to aid Ultraman Rosso and Blu, who were being attacked by Etelgar on Planet Penol.

Ultraman Ribut then arrives to defend them from Etelgar with his Blocker Effect before the brothers could be hit by a Removal Blast. Ribut then enclosed Etelgar in a Strong Net, which allowed the three Ultras to escape.

Once at the Land of Light, Taro congratulated Ribut on rescuing Rosso and Blu. Ribut then said that it was an honor to be of service. Taro attempted to ask a favor of Ribut, who then claimed that he already had another member of the Galaxy Rescue Force out searching for it. Taro then told Ribut that he was counting on him, to which Ribut then left Taro and the other Ultras to discuss the issue of Ultra Dark-Killer and the League of Darkness.

Other Media

Upin and Ipin

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Ribut Blocker

The armament worn on his left arm, called the Ribut Blocker (リブットブロッカー,   Ributto Burokkā?) can expand and be used as a shield. It can also erect a circular shield of blue energy to protect himself, which is called the Blocker Effect (ブロッカーエフェクト,   Burokkā Efekuto?).

Ribut Rod

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Galaxium Blaster

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Remote Cutter

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Galaxy Ribut

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Strong Net

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Light Flash

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Travel Sphere

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Saving Wall

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Ribut Punch

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Flying Punch

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Ribut Kick

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Ribut Kick G

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Ribut Throw

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