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Ultraman Orb
Ultraman Orb
Air date July 9th, 2016 - December 24, 2016
Producer(s) TBA
Distributor Tsuburaya Productions
Genre(s) Kyodai Hero
Channel(s) TV Tokyo
Episodes 25
Number 28

Ultraman Orb (ウルトラマンオーブ,   Urutoraman Ōbu?) is a tokusatsu Kyodai Hero television series produced by Tsuburaya Productions and is the twenty-eighth entry of the Ultraman Series. It ran from July 9, 2016 to December 24, 2016 in Japan through TV Tokyo and YouTube.


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  1. The Sunset Wanderer
  2. The King Demon Beast of Earth
  3. Monstrous Waters
  4. Beware of Fire in the Midsummer Sky
  5. A Heart That Won't Flee
  6. The Forbidden Forest
  7. A Future Shrouded in Fog
  8. The Urban Merman
  9. The Impostor Blues
  10. Juggler Dies!
  11. Trouble! Mama's Here!
  12. The Dark King’s Blessing
  13. Cleanup of the Heart
  14. Justice Out of Control
  15. Never Say Never
  16. An Unforgettable Place
  17. The Holy Sword, Restored
  18. Hard-Boiled Liver
  19. The Demon Inside of Me
  20. Revenge's Trigger
  21. The Girl With the Blue Ribbon
  22. The Unmarked Café
  23. The Blade of Darkness
  24. The Ultimate King Devil Beast Strikes Back
  25. The Wandering Sun



  • Gai Kurenai
  • Natasha Romanová
  • Princess Tamayura
  • Haruka Kirishima
  • Genzaburo Tomatsu
  • Keiko Yumeno
  • Soichi Kofune
  • Tetsuko Shibukawa
  • Yoko


  • Yumeno Naomi
  • Hayami Jetta
  • Matsudo Shin


  • Shibukawa Ittetsu

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