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Air date January 6th, 2018 - June 30th, 2018 (Japan)
Producer(s) TBA
Distributor Tsuburaya Productions
Genre(s) Kyodai Hero
Channel(s) TV Tokyo, YouTube
Episodes 26

Ultraman Orb: The Chronicle (ウルトラマンオーブ THE CHRONICLE,   Urutoraman Ōbu Za Kuronikuru?) is a Japanese tokusatsu television series produced by Tsuburaya Productions that ran from January 6, 2018 to June 30, 2018. The series features the events regarding Orb's history from Ultraman Orb to Ultra Fight Orb.[1][2]


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  1. Fight! Ultraman Orb
  2. The Sunset Wanderer: Clash! Maga-Basser
  3. The King Demon Beast of Earth: Maga-Grand King's Threat!
  4. Monstrous Waters: Defeat Maga-Jappa!
  5. Maga-Pandon's Assault!: Beware of Fire in the Midsummer Sky
  6. A Heart That Won't Flee: Hurricane Slash's Appearance!
  7. Fierce Fight! Fusion Up Fight!
  8. Ultraman Orb the Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds! Chapter 1: Sadeath's Return
  9. Ultraman Orb the Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds! Chapter 2: Space Witch Mulnau's Counterattack
  10. Ultraman Orb the Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds! Chapter 3
  11. Babalou's Heart: The Impostor Blues
  12. Trouble! Mama's Here!: Maga-Orochi's Resurrection
  13. The Dark King’s Blessing: Birth! Thunder Breastar
  14. An Unforgettable Place: Struggling Fight! Zeppandon
  15. The Holy Sword, Restored: Awaken! Orb Origin!!
  16. Hard-Boiled Liver: Shibukawa's Long Day
  17. The Unmarked Café: Mysterious! The Disk Organism Nova
  18. The Blade of Darkness: Orb vs. Juggler
  19. The Ultimate King Devil Beast Strikes Back: Magata No Orochi!
  20. The Wandering Sun: The Earth's Greatest Battle!
  21. Ultra Fight Orb: Lend Me the Power of Father and Son!
  22. Desperate Battle for Sunrise: Ginga and Victory!
  23. Sword of Victory: Fierce Battle! Ultraman X
  24. The Shining Sky, and the Land Beneath It: Gathering! Three Great Ultramen!
  25. The Leo Brothers vs. the Monster Brothers: When the Lion's Eyes Shine!
  26. Delivering Orb's Prayer! New Heroes Appear!



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