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Ultraman Ace
Opening of Ultraman Ace
Air date April 7, 1972 - March 30, 1973
Producer(s) TBA
Distributor Tsuburaya Productions
Genre(s) Kyodai Hero
Channel(s) Tokyo Broadcasting System
Episodes 52
Number 5

Ultraman Ace (ウルトラマンエース,   Urutoraman Ēsu?) is a tokusatsu Kyodai Hero television series produced by Tsuburaya Productions and is the fifth entry of the Ultraman Series. It ran on TBS from April 7, 1972 to March 30, 1973 in Japan.


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Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Shin Kishida   as   Narrator
  • Keiji Takamine   as   Seiji Hokuto
  • Mitsuko Hoshi   as   Yuko Minami
  • Umezu Akinori   as   Captain Goro Ryu
  • Okita Shunichi   as   Ichiro Yamanaka
  • Masaaki Yamamoto   as   Tsutomu Konno
  • Keiko Nishi   as   Kozo Yoshimura
  • Keiko Nishi   as   Noriko Mikawa
  • Katsumi Nakaiyama   as   Kaji Yoichi
  • Tadashi Nakanishi   as   Ultraman Ace
  • Goro Naya   as   Ultraman Ace (voice)
  • Mahito Tsujimura   as   Ultraman (voice)
  • Osamu Saka   as   Ultraseven (voice)
  • Hirofumi Takada   as   Yapool (voice)


  1. Shine! The Five Ultra Brothers
  2. Surpass the Giant Terrible-Monster
  3. Go Up in Flames! Terrible-Monster Hell
  4. A 30-Million-Year-Old Terrible-Monster Appears!
  5. The Giant-Ant Terrible-Monster vs. the Ultra Brothers
  6. Solve the Mystery of the Transforming Terrible-Monster!
  7. Monster vs. Terrible-Monster vs. Alien
  8. Life of the Sun Is the Life of Ace
  9. 10,000 Terrible-Monsters! Surprise Attack Plan
  10. Duel! Ultraman Ace vs. Hideki Go
  11. Terrible-Monster Is Ten Women?
  12. The Red Flower of a Vicious Cactus
  13. Execution! Five Ultra Brothers
  14. 5 Stars Scattered in the Galaxy
  15. Summer Horror Series: Curse of the Black Crab
  16. Summer Horror Series: Scary Story of the Cattle God-Man
  17. Summer Horror Series: The Demon Woman of Hotarugawara
  18. Give the Pigeon Back!
  19. The Mystery of the Haunted Kappa Mansion
  20. Star of Youth is the Star of Two
  21. I Saw a Vision of the Celestial Maiden
  22. Vengeance Demon Yapool
  23. A Game Changer! Here Comes Zoffy
  24. Behold! Midnight Transformation
  25. Pyramid Is a Terrible-Monster's Nest!
  26. Annihilation! The Five Ultra Brothers
  27. Miracle! Father of Ultra
  28. Goodbye Yuko, Sister of the Moon
  29. The 6th Ultra Brother
  30. You Can See the Star of Ultra
  31. From Ultraseven to Ultraman Ace
  32. With Hopes in the Star of Ultra
  33. Shoot That Hot-Air Balloon!
  34. A Terrible-Monster Dances on a Rainbow Over the Sea
  35. A Gift from Zoffy
  36. A Terrible-Monster Registering 10,000 Phones?
  37. Star of Friendship Forever
  38. Resurrection! Father of Ultra
  39. Seven's Life! Ace's Life!
  40. Return the Panda!
  41. Winter Horror Series: Scary Story! Lion Drum
  42. Winter Horror Series: Mystery! Monster Woo Rises Again
  43. Winter Horror Series: Scary Story! Yeti's Cry!
  44. Setsubun Scary Story! Sparkling Bean
  45. A Desperate Situation! Save Ace!
  46. Ride Over the Time Machine!
  47. Salamander's Curse!
  48. Revenge of Verokron
  49. The Flying Jellyfish
  50. Tokyo Great Panic! The Mad Traffic Signals
  51. The Life-Sucking Sound
  52. You Are the Ace of Tomorrow!




  • Seiji Hokuto
  • Yuko Minami
  • Captain Goro Ryu
  • Ichiro Yamanaka
  • Tsutomu Konno
  • Kozo Yoshimura
  • Noriko Mikawa
  • Kaji Yoichi

Other Characters

  • Mushitaro Kuri

Ultra Heroes

Monsters, Aliens and Terrible-Monsters


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Title Card


Video Releases


  • "Ultraman Ace"


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