Ultra Series
Ultra Q
Ultra Q
Ultra Q Title Color
Creator Eiji Tsuburaya
Producer TBA
Distributor Tsuburaya Productions
Genre Horror
Aired January 2, 1966 - July 3, 1966
Channel Tokyo Broadcasting System
Episodes 28
Number 1

Ultra Q (ウルトラQ,   Urutora Kyū?) is a Japanese tokusatsu television series produced by Tsuburaya Productions and is the first entry of the Ultra Series. It ran from January 2, 1966 to July 3, 1966 in Japan.


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  1. Defeat Gomess!
  2. Goro and Goroh
  3. The Gift from Space
  4. Mammoth Flower
  5. Peguila Is Here!
  6. Grow Up! Little Turtle
  7. S.O.S. Mount Fuji
  8. Terror of the Sweet Honey
  9. Baron Spider
  10. The Underground Super Express Goes West
  11. Balloonga
  12. I Saw a Bird
  13. Garadama
  14. Tokyo Ice Age
  15. Kanegon's Cocoon
  16. Garamon Strikes Back
  17. The 1/8 Project
  18. The Rainbow's Egg
  19. Challenge from the Year 2020
  20. The Undersea Humanoid Ragon
  21. Space Directive M774
  22. Metamorphosis
  23. Fury of the South Sea
  24. The Idol of Goga
  25. The Devil Child
  26. Blazing Victory
  27. The Disappearance of Flight 206
  28. Open Up!



Monsters and Aliens


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