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The Ultraman
The Ultraman
Air date April 4, 1979 – March 26, 1980
Producer(s) TBA
Distributor Tsuburaya Productions, Nippon Sunrise
Genre(s) Kyodai Hero, Animation
Channel(s) Tokyo Broadcasting System (Japan)
Episodes 50
Number 8

The Ultraman (ザ☆ウルトラマン,   Za Urutoraman?) is a Japanese anime television series produced by Tsuburaya Productions and is the eighth entry of the Ultraman Series. It ran from April 4, 1979 to March 26, 1980.


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  1. Birth of a New Hero
  2. The Secret of the Shining Pendant
  3. When the Weed Whistle Blows in the Evening
  4. Chase of the Mysterious Red Cloud
  5. The Passenger! Break through the Underground
  6. Challenge to the Burning Deep Sea
  7. Order to Attack! The Objective Is Pigu!
  8. Officer Hikari's Secret Has Been Stolen!?
  9. Terror of the Awakened Ancient Creature
  10. I Saw It! The Illusion of a Monster...
  11. The Science Garrison's Challenge!
  12. The Curious Conversation Between a Monster and Pigu
  13. The Sad Legend of the Revived Lake
  14. The Star's Devil Has Come!
  15. You Are Ultraman
  16. The Living Phantom Bird
  17. Beetamii Has Disappeared!
  18. The Mysterious Monster Island
  19. This is the Ultra Star! (Part 1)
  20. This is the Ultra Star! (Part 2)
  21. This is the Ultra Star! (Part 3)
  22. The South Sea's Suspicious Space
  23. The Supersonic Confrontation
  24. Two Officer Mutsumi's
  25. The Devil's Garden
  26. Earth's Greatest Crisis!
  27. The Flying Monster Island!
  28. The New Cap Has Arrived!
  29. The Devil's UFO's Large Invasion
  30. The Enormous Fossil Has Come to Life
  31. The Female Ultra Warrior
  32. Object X from Space
  33. Go! Magma's Desperate Sphere
  34. The Monster Accommodation Star Has Been Stolen (Prequel)
  35. The Monster Accommodation Star Has Been Stolen (Sequel)
  36. The Snow Woman Has Come from Space
  37. Ultra Star U40's Crisis! Ultria's Mystery?
  38. Giant Ultra War! Huge Warship Ultria's Sortie
  39. Aim at Huge Warship Ultria
  40. The Boy Who Took a Monster
  41. Clash! Ultraman vs. Ultraman
  42. Ultraman's Strategy to Living
  43. The Monkey That Became a Monster?!
  44. Ultria Was Broken in Two?!
  45. Pigu Was Holding a Bomb
  46. Revive Mutsumi
  47. To the Ultra Star! Part 1: The Female Warrior's Information
  48. To the Ultra Star! Part 2: The Frontline Base's Destruction
  49. To the Ultra Star! Part 3: U (Ultra) Fleet's Large Fierce Battle
  50. To the Ultra Star! Conclusion: Towards Peace and Victory



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