Snowgon in Return of Ultraman
Subtitle Snow Woman Monster
(雪女怪獣,   Yukion'na Kaijū?)
Type Alien Kaiju
Height 45 meters
Weight 23,000 tons
Relations Beryudora (body part)
Allies Alien Black (master)
Enemies MAT, Ultraman Jack,
Miclas, Telesdon
Portrayed by Arai Junko (RoUM)
First appearance Return of Ultraman Episode 40: Phantom Snow Woman (1972)
Latest appearance Ultraman Ginga Theater Special: Ultra Monster Hero Battle Royal! (2014)
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Snowgon (スノーゴン,   Sunōgon?) is an alien kaiju that appeared in episode forty of the 1971 television series Return of Ultraman.


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Return of Ultraman

Phantom Snow Woman

Snowgon vs. Ultraman Jack in Return of Ultraman

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Ultraman Taro

Burn on! The Six Ultra Brothers

Dancan in the animated flashback of Ultraman Taro

In the animated flashback of the episode, Snowgon was one of the many monsters that were a part of Alien Emperor's Monster Army during the Great Ultra War.

Ultraman Ginga Theater Special: Ultra Monster Hero Battle Royal!

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