Sadola movie I

Sadora 1971

Subtitle Rock Monster
(岩石怪獣,   Ganseki Kaijū?)
Nicknames Sadola,
Type Kaiju
Home world Earth,
Planet Boris (Ultra Galaxy)
Height 60 meters[1]
Weight 24,000 tons[1]
First appearance Return of Ultraman Episode 3: Evil Monster Realm of Terror (1971)
Latest appearance Ultraman X Episode 22:
The Rainbow Land (2015)
Relations Belyudra (component)
Allies To be added
Enemies To be added
Portrayed by To be added

Sadolar (サドラ,   Sadora?) is a kaiju that first appeared alongside Detton in episode three of the 1971 television series Return of Ultraman.


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Return of Ultraman

Evil Monster Realm of Terror

Sadora vs. Detton

Sadolar against Detton in Return of Ultraman

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Ultraman Taro

Burn on! The Six Ultra Brothers

Alien Emperor taro

Sadolar in the animated flashback of Ultraman Taro

In the animated flashback of the episode, Sadolar was one of the monsters that were a part of the Monster Army lead by Alien Emperor during the Great Ultra War.

Ultraman Mebius

Reverse Shot

Sadora 2006

Sadolar vs. Ultraman Mebius in Reverse Shot

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Two From the Deep Sea

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Armor of Vengeance

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Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

The Lawless Monster Planet

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The Trap in Belargo City

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Another Monster Tamer

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends the Movie

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Ultra Zero Fight

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Ultraman Ginga S

The Meaning of Strength

Sadora 2014

Sadolar in Ultraman Ginga S

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Ultraman X

My Friend's a Monster

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The Rainbow Land

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Sadolar's roar is modified from Kiyla's roar.

Sadora Roars

Sadora Roars

Sadolar's roars in Return of Ultraman
Sadora Roar

Sadora Roar

Sadolar's roars in the Heisei era


  • Sadolar's design was originally going to be more scorpion-like, being called "Sasolar" (サソラー,   Sasorā?) after "Sasori" meaning scorpion.


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