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The Reiwa era (令和時代,   Reiwa Jidai?) is the current period in Japan, after the Heisei era.

The New Generation Heroes series, which began at the end of the Heisei era, continued into the Reiwa era starting with 2019's Ultraman Taiga.


In 2019, Tsuburaya Productions produced the first television series during the Reiwa era, Ultraman Taiga and a prequel to Taiga, Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes aired on YouTube. In 2020, Ultraman Taiga the Movie: New Generation Climax is set at cinemas on August 7, 2020. Afterwards, Tsuburaya Productions produced the second series during the Reiwa era with Ultraman Z, which celebrated the 10th anniversary of Ultraman Zero. Towards the end of the year, a mini-series connected to Ultraman Z, Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy began airing on YouTube in November 22, 2020. A spiritual successor of 1996's Ultraman Tiga, titled Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga began airing on July 10 (Ultraman Day), 2021. Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad, the third installment of the Ultra Galaxy Fight series is set for begin airing on Ultraman Official in 2022.


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Reiwa Series

The Reiwa series (令和シリーズ,   Reiwa shirīzu?) is a term used to identify television series and films that are released after the Heisei Series. Although ambiguous, the New Generation Heroes series label continues into the Reiwa era.




Rebroadcast series

Ultra Heroes introduced

Dark Ultras introduced

Dark Ultras

Giants of Darkness

  • Carmeara
  • Darrgon
  • Hudram

Monsters and Aliens introduced

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ULTRAMAN (anime series)

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Gridman series


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