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Red King Ultraman 80


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Subtitle Normal:
Skull Monster
(どくろ怪獣,   Dokuro Kaijū?)

Armored Monster
(装甲怪獣,   Sōkō Kaijū?)

Nicknames THE Red King (Ultra Zero Fight)
Type Kaiju
Home world Earth
Height Normal: 45 meters[1][2][3][4][5]

2005: 60 meters[1]

Weight Normal: 20,000 tons[1][2][3][4][5]

2005: 70,000[1]

Forms First Generation (A),
Second Generation (B),
EX Red King
First appearance Ultraman episode 8,
The Lawless Monster Zone (1966)
Latest appearance Ultraman Z episode 11,
What Must Be Defended (2020)
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Allies To be added
Enemies To be added
Portrayed by Teruo Aragaki,
Kunio Suzuki,
Tomohiro Sato,
Hiroshi Suenaga,
Arai Hiroyuki

Red King (レッドキング,   Reddo Kingu?) is a daikaiju that first appeared in episode eight of the 1966 television series Ultraman.


Over all, Red King is a bulky monster with his body covered in rows of wide ridges, to which all are horizontal in position. In most series, his skin is yellow with light blue in between every ridge. Red King's snout is very short in length and his eyes are glossy black. The monster possesses a long, cone-shaped neck and the top of the monster's head is tall and pointed at the tip. The monster's mouth is full of jagged teeth and has two tusks, one on each side of his upper jaw.

After its portrayal as Aboras, the Red King suit was refurbished back for the monster's appearance in episode twenty-five of Ultraman. The second generation Red King was gold in color, had white eyes with black pupils and the top of the head was taller than the original. Red King Ⅱ also had two clay lumps on his neck to represent the six bombs the monster ate in the episode.

In Ultraman 80, the third generation Red King resembled the second, but was bulkier and had white highlights in his pupils. Red King Ⅲ's skin color was dark-gold and in between the ridges were colored ocean-blue.

In Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, the female Red King's skin was yellow, like the first generation Red King's, but with hexagonal scales. She had claws and spurs. Her teeth and tusks were longer and her face was more skeletal with dark shadows under the eyelids. The male Red King resembled the female but was more bulky. His skin was also brick-red in color, making this Red King the first and the only Red King to be colored red.

In Ultraman Max, Red King was changed to resemble the first generation Red King, but with a newer, Heisei era look to him. The legs were made more bulkier the previous designs. His eyes were black like the original's eyes and the face was given a more menacing appearance. This design would be reused throughout the rest of the Heisei era after Ultraman Max.


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The Lawless Monster Zone


The first Red King in Ultraman

Red King was one of the monsters that lived on Tatara Island, along with Chandrah, Magular, and Pigmon. Red King was first seen in battle against Chandrah, with Red King taking full advantage of his strength over his opponent. Chandrah fought back by trying to blow Red King back with his wings and was able to make Red King bleed by biting his shoulder. Enraged, Red King managed to rip off one of Chandrah's wings. Critically injured, Chandrah fled, unable to continue fighting. Red King then threw both Chandrah's detached wing along with a boulder at the injured monster. Magular suddenly appeared shortly after the two monsters' battle, but was driven away by Red King's presence and quickly burrowed away. Later, Red King ambushed the SSSP when they were with Pigmon and attempted to crush the team with an avalanche of boulders. Arashi and Ide tried their best of fend off the monster with their weapons, but Red King's tough hide made their efforts futile. Pigmon then tried to distract Red King to help the Science Patrol, but the monster's efforts were in vain as Red King attacked Pigmon by hurling some boulders at him instead, causing a landslide of more boulders which then struck and killed Pigmon. Upon Pigmon's tragic death, Arashi and Ide managed to outwit Red King by shooting at the balloon they had attached to Pigmon, which came undone when Red King killed the small monster and had floated up to Red King's face. The burst caused Red King to drop the boulder that he was holding and it fell onto the monster's feet, causing him pain. This act infuriated Red King even further, making him throw more boulders. Hayata, who managed to transform into Ultraman, then flew to fight Red King. The monster was caught off guard as Ultraman flew in and kicked Red King on the back, knocking the monster down. Red King then got up and picked up a boulder, but before he could throw it at the Ultra, Ultraman then hit the boulder with his Specium Ray, causing Red King to drop the boulder, which fell onto Red King's feet a second time. Ultraman then grabbed Red King's neck and swung the monster around multiple times, snapping Red King's neck, killing the monster.

Strange Comet Tsuiphon


The second Red King in Ultraman

Another member of Red King's species was discovered by the SSSP in the Japanese Alps, who had managed swim to the Okhotsk Sea and eat six dangerous Hydrogen Bombs and then burrow its way back home. This second Red King was sleeping inside a mountainside until he was awoken by the monsters, Guigass and Dorako, who were fighting nearby. Red King interfered in their fight, but was quickly provoked when Dorako shoved him into Guigass. Red King then temporarily teamed up with Guigass, who then tried to fight Dorako while Red King watched them fight, but Dorako took advantage of the fight. Angry about how Guigass was not winning against Dorako, Red King then attacked Dorako, tearing off the monster's wings. Red King and Guigass then began to beat down Dorako until the monster died of its injuries. After Dorako was defeated, Red King and Guigass started to battling against themselves, Red King then drove Guigass away with his superior strength. Hayata, who was in the area with the SSSP, went off to stop Red King on his own due to how dangerous the monster was for eating the H-Bombs. However, after he shot the monster's tail, Red King then knocked off him a cliff. Luckily, Hayata managed to transform into Ultraman so that he could battle Red King. Unlike the first Red King, due to the monster's instability from the H-Bombs inside him, Ultraman had a harder time fighting him, which allowed Red King to beat him down in the process. After escaping Red King's grip, Ultraman then hit Red King with an Ultra Air Catch, which suspended the monster in mid-air, making Red King vulnerable to attack, thus Ultraman sliced the monster into thirds with his Ultra-Slashes. Ultraman then took the head and neck slice of Red King into Space so that the H-Bombs could be detonated safely.

Ultraman Taro

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The Ultraman

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Ultraman 80

The Feared Red King's Revival!

Red King 1981

Red King in Ultraman 80

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Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero

A Quartet of Creatures

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The female Red King in Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero


The male Red King in Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero

Ultraman Max

Monster Island Appears!

Red King vs Salamadon

Red King against Salamadon in Monster Island Appears!

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5 Seconds to Bombing!

Red king vs Max

Red King against Max in 5 Seconds to Bombing!

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Alternate Dimension World


Red King in Alternate Dimension World

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Ultraman Mebius

An Old Friend's Visit

Red King Mebius

Red King in Ultraman Mebius

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Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

The Lawless Monster Planet

Red King vs. Sadora

Red King against Sadora in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

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The Stone Which Calls Monsters

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Unexpected Reunion

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Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

The New Horizon of War

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Grande's Challenge

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Planet Destruction

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Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends the Movie

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Ultra Zero Fight

Zero Fight Kaiju

Red King alongside Galberos, Gan-Q and Bemstar in Ultra Zero Fight

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Ultraman Ginga

The Stolen Ginga Spark

Zaragas, Ginga & Red King 2

Red King alongside Ultraman Ginga and Zaragas in Ultraman Ginga

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Ultraman Ginga: Theater Special Ultra Monster Hero Battle Royal

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Ultraman Ginga S

Main article: EX Red King

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Ultraman X

X vs. Red King

Red King vs. X in Ultraman X

Wataru's Romance

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The Rainbow Land

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Ultraman Geed

Main article: Skull Gomora

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Ultraman R/B

The Winning Ball of Light

Red King RB

Red King in Ultraman R/B

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Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

UGFNGH - Red King I & II vs. Ribut 2

Red King I and Ⅱ against Ultraman Ribut in Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

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Ultraman Z

What Must Be Defended

Red King (A) and (B)
Ultraman Z & King Joe STORAGE Custom vs. Red King

Red King (A) against King Joe STORAGE Custom and Z in Ultraman Z

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Other media

The Birth of Ultraman

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Ultraman Super Fighter Legend

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Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth

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Mega Monster Battle ULTRA MONSTERS

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Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Adventure

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Mecha-Mecha Iketeru

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Ultra Zone

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Mega Monster Rush: Ultra Frontier

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Physical Strength

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Rock Throwing

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Sharp Teeth

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Tail Whip

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Mega-Ton Tail

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Explosive Rock Bullet

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Giant Explosive Combustion

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Brave Burst

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Explosive Punch

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EX Transformation

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Bullet Catch

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Video Games

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Main article: Red King/Gallery


Red King's roar is a combination of Godzilla and Gaira's roar. During the final battle in Red King's debut episode, when Ultraman grabs him by the neck, Red King briefly has a combination of Godzilla and King Kong's roar.

Red King Roars-0

Red King Roars-0

Red King's roars in the Showa era
Red King Roars

Red King Roars

Red King's roars in the Heisei era



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