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Recyum Man

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Subtitle Radio-Wave Phantom
(電波怪人,   Denpa Kaijin?)
Nicknames Rekyum Man
Type Seijin
Height Large: 373 meters

Small: 2 meters[1]
Taiga: 1.9 meters[2]

Weight Large: 450,000 tons

Small: 55 kilograms[1]
Taiga: 85 kilograms[2]

First appearance Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy Episode 26: The Door To Nothingness (2004)
Latest appearance Ultraman Taiga Episode 2:
Tregear (2019)
Relations Dark Alien Army
Allies Alien Serpent, Kei Fukuide
Enemies Jugglus Juggler
Portrayed by To be added
Voice actors Sōta Hanamura, (Orb the Movie)
Sounds To be added

Recyum Man (レキューム人,   Rekyūmu Hito?) is a seijin that first appeared in episode 26 of the 2004 television series Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy.


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Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy

The Door To Nothingness

Recyum Man 2

Recyum Man in Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy

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Ultraman Orb the Movie: Lend Me the Power of Your Bonds!

Recyum Man Orb Movie

Recyum Man in Ultraman Orb the Movie: Lend Me the Power of Your Bonds!

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Ultraman Geed

The 10:00 AM Monster Bird

Recyum Man 2017

Recyum Man in Ultraman Geed

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Ultraman Taiga

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Imagination Consumption

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Size Change

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Human Disguise

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