Ragon in Ultraman Orb

The child Ragon in Ultraman Orb

Ragon in Ultra Q

Subtitle Seabed Humanoid
(海底原人,   Kaitei Genjin?)
Type Aquatic Kaijin
Home world Earth
Height Normal 2 to 50 meters

2013: 2 to 30 meters

Weight 100 kilograms to 40,000 metric tons
Allies To be added
Enemies To be added
Portrayed by Bin Furuya, Izumi Umenosuke
Voice actors Akiko Tanaka
First appearance Ultra Q episode 20,
The Primordial Amphibian Ragon (1966)
Latest appearance Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes episode 3 (2019)
Ultra Q:

Ragon (ラゴン,   Ragon?) is an aquatic kaijin that first appeared in episode twenty of the 1966 television series Ultra Q.


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Ultra Q

The Primordial Amphibian Ragon

Ragon in Ultra Q

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Ultraman (1966)

Five Seconds Before the Explosion

Ragon in Ultraman

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Ultraman Ginga

The Idol Is Ragon

Ragon in The Idol Is Ragon

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The Closed World

Ragon alongside many other spark dolls in The Closed World

Ragon makes a brief appearance in Ultraman Ginga as a spark doll. She along with Ultraman Taro and many other monster spark dolls are seen cheering on Ultraman Ginga as he fights against Dark Galberos.

Ultraman Orb

The Urban Merman

The parent Ragon and the child Ragon in Ultraman Orb

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Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

Ragon in Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

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Other Media

Ultra Zone

The three Ragons in Ultra Zone

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New Ultraman Retsuden

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Radioactive Ray

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Size Change

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Ragon's roars in Ultra Q are sped up Toho King Kong roars and Ragon's roars in Ultraman are reused Varan roars.



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