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Subtitle Showa and R/B:

Friendly Rare Animal
(友好珍獣,   Yūkō Chinjū?)
Cyber Rare Animal
(電脳珍獣,   Den'nō Chinjū?)
Ultraman X:
Human Ally
(人間の味方,   Ningen nō Mikata?)

Nicknames Pygmon,
Type Kaiju
Home world Earth
Height Showa: 1 meter[1]

1993: 1.3 meters
Max and R/B:
1.5 meters[1][2]

Weight Showa: 10 kilograms[1]

1993: 20 kilograms
Max: 95 kilograms[1]
R/B: 60 kilograms[2]

First appearance Ultraman Episode 8:
The Lawless Monster Zone (1966)
Latest appearance Ultraman R/B the Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond (2019)
Allies SSSP, Salamadon, Paragler,
Ultraman Max, DASH,
Ultraman Zero, Dada, Booska
Enemies Red King, Alien Mefilas,
King Gesura
Portrayed by Fujita Shuji (Ultraman),
Takatsu Fusayo
(Ultraman Max),
Kazuhiro Yokoyama
(Ultra Galaxy the Movie),
Satomi Maruta (X and R/B)
Roars To be added

Pigmon (ピグモン,   Pigumon?) is a kaiju that first appeared in episode eight of the 1966 television series Ultraman.


With its original suit from Ultraman being reused from the Garamon suit (from Ultra Q), Pigmon is a small monster that is covered in small, red spikes. Its hands, legs and tail are all skeletal in design. Like Garamon, Pigmon's hands possess three long fingers that are connected to its body with vary short arms. Pigmon's face and body are nearly identical to Garamon's, but its torso is red instead of light gray and has a tint of purple on its face. Pigmon is also slimmer than Garamon and the tips of its spikes are greenish-yellow in color. In episode 37, The Littlest Hero, the Pigmon suit was remodeled, possessing pink lips instead of tan and was given more jagged spikes. Its body was changed to be a dark red color and the purple tint on the face was removed.

In Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, Pigmon was redesigned, possessing longer spikes, a wider head, and longer fingers which had small claws. In addition with the three fingers, its hands were given long thumbs. Its face and torso are tan in color and its body is more muscular.

In Ultraman Max, Pigmon was redesigned once again. It was based on the original but with its spikes and body made more compacted. This Pigmon suit was made to look more adorned than previous designs, with his lips not being colored and its body possessing smoother spikes. This Pigmon design would be reused in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends the Movie, Ultra Zero Fight, and Ultraman X.

For Ultraman R/B, a new Pigmon suit was constructed, but was strangely made to look incidental to Garamon with vary few differences. The most noticeable difference is that its torso, hands, legs, and tail are colored white apposed to Garamon's gray.


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The Lawless Monster Zone


Pigmon in The Lawless Monster Zone

Pigmon was one of the many kaiju who lived on Tatara Island, along with Red King, Chandrah, Magular, and Suflan. Unlike the rest of the populace, Pigmon was more friendly in nature. One day, a group of observers were sent to an observatory on Tatara Island to re-open the island after it had been closed for several years. Within two weeks, all but one of the observers were killed by the monsters, with the last survivor, Mr. Matsui, being badly injured. Pigmon found Mr. Masui and begun nursing him back to health until help could arrive for him. Help came from the SSSP when they found Matsui and Pigmon. The team learned of Pigmon's brave actions and congratulated the small kaiju, until they were suddenly ambushed by Red King, who began hurling boulders at them. Ide and Arashi tried to fend off the skull monster with their weapons, but Red King's tough hide made their efforts futile. During the attack, Pigmon tried to help by distracting Red King, but the heroic monster's efforts came to an end when Red King sadistically attacked Pigmon by hurling boulders at him, with some of them striking and killing the small monster.

The Littlest Hero


Re-Pigmon in The Littlest Hero

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Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero

A Quartet of Creatures

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Ultraman Max

Monster Island Appears!

Max Pigmon3

Pigmon in Monster Island Appears!

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5 Seconds to Bombing

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Alternate Dimension World

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Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends the Movie

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Ultra Zero Fight

Pigmon 2012

Pigmon in Ultra Zero Fight

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Ultraman Ginga

The Closed World

Ultraman Ginga - Spark Dolls

Pigmon alongside many other spark dolls in Ultraman Ginga

Pigmon makes a brief appearance in Ultraman Ginga as a spark doll. He along with Ultraman Taro and many other monster spark dolls are seen cheering on Ultraman Ginga as he fights against Dark Galberos.

Ultraman X

My Friend's a Monster

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Ultraman R/B

Everyone Is Friends

Booska 2018

Pigmon alongside Booska in Ultraman R/B

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Ultraman R/B the Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond

Pigmon RB Movie

Three Pigmon in Ultraman R/B the Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond

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Other Media


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Mega Monster Battle ULTRA MONSTERS

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Ultra Zone

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  • The Pigmon suit from Ultraman was created by modifying the Garamon suit, which had previously been used in Ultra Q.

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