Peguila in Ultraman Z

Peguila in Ultra Q

Subtitle Frozen Monster
(冷凍怪獣,   Reito Kaiju?)
Nicknames Pegila
Type Ice Kaiju
Home world Earth
Height 40 meters[1]
Weight 20,000 tons[1]
Relations Belyudra (component)
Enemies Ultraman Orb, Ragon,
Ultraman Ribut
Portrayed by Seino Yukihiro
First appearance Ultra Q episode 5,
Peguila Is Here! (1966)
Latest appearance Ultraman Z episode 5,
First Juggling (2020)
Roars To be added

Peguila (ペギラ,   Pegira?) is a kaiju that first appeared in episode five of the 1966 television series Ultra Q.


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Ultra Q

Peguila Is Here!

Peguila in Peguila Is Here!

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Tokyo Ice Age

Peguila in Tokyo Ice Age

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Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

The Lawless Monster Planet

Peguila's carcass in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

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Ultraman X

A Voice from the Starry Sky

Peguila attacking Singapore in Ultraman X

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Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

Peguila in Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

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Ultraman Z

First Juggling

Peguila against Z in Ultraman Z

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Other Media


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Peguila can use his wings to fly. While flying, Peguila releases a trail of black smoke from his body.

Anti-Gravity Breath

Anti-Gravity Breath

Peguila can breath an anti-gravity freezing mist from his mouth, which is capable of lifting 3-ton snow vehicles.


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Ultraman Orb: Chronicle

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