Pedanium Zetton
Pedanium Zetton 5
Subtitle Belial Fusion Monster
(ベリアル融合獣,   Beriaru Yūgōjū?)
Type Chimera Kaiju
Height 65 meters[1][2]
Weight 2017: 34,000 tons[1]

2020: 54,000 tons[2]

First appearance Ultraman Geed Episode 11:
The Geed Identity (2017)
Latest appearance Ultraman Z Episode 7:
His Majesty's Medal (2020)
Relations King Joe (component),
Zetton (component),
Ultraman Belial (component),
Kei Fukuide (creator/summoner; UM Geed),
Shinya Kaburagi/Celebro (creator/summoner; UM Z)
Enemies Ultraman Geed, Ultraman Z,
Ultraman Zero
Portrayed by Arai Hiroyuki
Roars To be added

Pedanium Zetton (ペダニウムゼットン,   Pedaniumu Zetton?) is a chimera kaiju that first appeared in episode eleven of the 2017 television series Ultraman Geed. He is a fusion of King Joe, Zetton and Ultraman Belial.


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Ultraman Geed

The Geed Identity

Pedanium Zetton vs. Geed

Pedanium Zetton against Ultraman Geed in The Geed Identity

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My Name

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Pega Runs Away from Home

Pedanium Zetton vs. Geed III

Pedanium Zetton against Ultraman Geed in Pega Runs Away from Home

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The Sturm's Light

Geed vs. Pedanium Zetton 4

Pedanium Zetton against Ultraman Geed in The Sturm's Light

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Ultraman Z

His Majesty's Medal

Pedanium Zetton 2020

Pedanium Zetton in Ultraman Z

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