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My Home Is Earth
Series Ultraman
Episode # 23
Directed by Akio Jissoji
Written by Mamoru Sasaki
Air Date December 18th, 1966

My Home Is Earth (故郷は地球,   Kokyō wa Chikyū?) is the twenty-third episode of the series Ultraman.


An International Peace Conference was planned in Tokyo. However, at this time, horrific incidents began to occur — planes and ships representing the countries participating in the conference began to explode and crash. A member of the French headquarter, Monsieur Alan arrived at the Japanese headquarter of SSSP. He talked about these strange incidents. Captain Muramatsu began to suspect that someone was trying to obstruct the conference, and Monsieur Alan confirmed it. When Ide didn't understand which country can did it, if members from all countries were invited, Monsieur Alan said that aliens may cause these incidents. Meanwhile, on Highway 15, a rabid driver knocked several people while driving at high speed. When police chased him, the criminal's car crashed into an unknown invisible object and exploded.

The next day, SSSP members went to investigate this strange incident. Arriving at the place of the accident, the car collided on an invisible wall. After that, Hayata realized it was an invisible rocket, and everyone left the car before it exploded. Captain Muramatsu ordered Ide and Fuji to fly by VTOL and watch the invisible rocket. Ide noticed it is impossible to see an invisible rocket, however Fuji reminded him of the radar. With it, he determined a rocket is 13 kilometers to the Northeast. He chased it and tried to fire at the rocket, but in vain. The rocket managed to escape.

Much later, at the SSSP headquarter, Muramatsu explained how a rocket remained invisible. It rotated at high speed, and became invisible. Realizing this, Ide went. He worked on the new weapons and drew its diagrams the whole night. Even when Fuji bringed him coffee, he decided to drink it later. In the morning, Muramatsu announced the dispatch, and that VTOL is now equipped with the Spectrum Alfa, the Spectrum Betta, and the Spectrum Gamma, invented by Ide. However, since Ide worked all night, he was extremely sleepy during the day. Muramatsu asked Ide to explain the principle of the new weapons' work. Ide told that Spectrum Alpha changed the refraction of color, Spectrum Betta neutralized the ability of the eyes to distinguish colors, and Spectrum Gamma limited the angle of reflection of light.

Shortly after that, the team chased the rocket and fired at it with all three Spectrums. The rocket landed, and Ide tried to fire at it, although he missed. The persecution began again. Muramatsu ordered Hayata to destroy the rocket, but it maneuvered. After several setbacks, he blew up the rocket, and it fell in the woods. A little later, the team went to inspect the crash place. Suddenly they noticed a giant monster, called Jamila by Monsieur Allan. Hayata and Muramatsu fired at the kaiju, who started to run away. Monsieur Alan watched the monster thoughtfully. At night, the SSSP didn't stop searching. Captain Muramatsu asked Alan about the origins of kaiju, and he decided to tell the truth. He said that Jamila is not a monster, but a human. During a space race between the United States and the Soviet Union, a ship of an astronaut named Jamila disappeared without a trace. His country hid the fact of its disappearance. He landed on a distant planet without water and air, and because of its strange atmosphere, he transformed into a giant abominable monster. Now he returned to planet Earth, however now he hates humanity. Hearing this story, Ide decided not to fight with Jamila, since he is a human as they all. He said the same thing could happen to them as with Jamila. Monsieur Alan said that Jamila should be destroyed without revealing to society who he really is. Only in this way the international conference can be successful. Fuji and Muramatsu tried to calm Ida down.

The next morning, Jamila was attacked with flamethrowers. He easily destroyed them and continued the attack. Meanwhile, the military began to evacuate civilians, who were frightened to see a scary monster. Jamila started to burn village huts with fire. Little boy Akira decided to return to the village and save his pigeon, despite the danger. After seeing it, Hayata ran to save him. Seeing how evil Jamila really is, Ide shouted at him, asking if he has any particles of the human soul left. Jamila stopped and looked at all the chaos he caused. Although, after that he went to attack the building where the conference will take place. The SSSP shot Jamila with rain shells, since he lived on a planet without water. Hayata decided it's time to transform into Ultraman. He pressed the Beta-capsule and flew towards the monster. He pushed the monster, and the battle began. Jamila tried to strangle Ultraman, however Ultraman pushed him again, and continued to beat him. Then Ultraman started pouring water from his hand. Jamila died from contact with water.

Later, Captain Muramatsu apologized to Jamila, standing at his grave. He said that now Jamila is reunited with his home planet. On this day, the International Peace Conference was held successfully, and the members of the UCCP erected a monument to Jamila, that called him a warrior who died in the name of the dream of mankind and scientific progress. Ide uttered another main idea of the episode — all politicians are the same, only their words are beautiful.


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  • Despite being the twenty-third episode of the series, My Home Is Earth was the twenty-second episode to be made during the production of Ultraman.
  • On Jamila's gravestone (as seen at the end of the episode), his supposed birthyear and year of death is seen written under the kaijin's name. Despite of the rest of the Ultraman Series treating Ultraman as if it happened during the mid-1960s, the era that it aired in, Jamila's birthday and his date of death on the grave reads "1960 - 1993". With Jamila being killed in the events of the episode indicates that Ultraman was originally set in the early 1990s.[1]


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