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Kyrieloid Ⅱ

Kyrieloid Power Type

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Kyrie Man

Subtitle Kyrieloid:
Flame Magic Warrior
(炎魔戦士,   Honō Masenshi?)

Kyrie Man:
Flame Demon
(炎魔人,   Honō Majin?)

Nicknames Kilalien
Type Kaijin
Home world Earth
Height Gen. I: 52 meters

Gen. Ⅱ: 55 meters

Weight Gen. I: 42,000 tons

Gen. Ⅱ: 45,000 tons

First appearance Ultraman Tiga Episode 3:
The Devil's Prophecy (1996)
Latest appearance Ultraman Tiga Episode 52:
To the Shining Ones (1997)
Allies Other Kyrieloids
Enemies Ultraman Tiga
Portrayed by Toshio Miyake
Voice actors Masaharu Sato
Sounds To be added

Kyrieloid (キリエロイド,   Kirieroido?) is a kaijin that first appeared in the episode three the 1996 television series Ultraman Tiga.


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Ultraman Tiga

The Devil's Prophecy

Kyrieloid vs. Tiga

The first Kyrieloid vs. Ultraman Tiga in The Devil's Prophecy

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GUTS to the Sky (Part 2)

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The Devil's Judgement

Kyrieloid Ⅱ
Kyrieloid Ⅱ vs. Tiga

The second Kyrieloid vs. Ultraman Tiga in The Devil's Judgement

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Power Type

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Sky Type
Kyrieloid ⅡSky Type vs. Tiga Sky Type

Sky Type Kyrieloid Ⅱ vs. Ultraman Tiga in The Devil's Judgement

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To the Shining Ones

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Video Games

Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth

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Mega Monster Rush Ultra Frontier

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City Shrouded in Shadow

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