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Kemur Man

Kemur II

Subtitle Kidnapping Phantom
(誘拐怪人,   Yūkai Kaijin?)
Nicknames Kemur
Type Seijin
Height 1st Gen.: 1.9 to 30 meters

2nd Gen.: 55 meters
2013: 14 centimeters to 30 meters[1]

Weight 1st Gen.: 40 kilograms to 15,000 tons

2nd Gen.: 16,000 tons
2013: 150 grams to 15,000 metric tons[1]

First appearance Ultra Q Episode 19: Challenge from the Year 2020 (1966)
Latest appearance Ultraman X Episode 16:
Feature Report! 24 Hours Inside Xio (2015)
Relations Alien Mefilas (Ultraman),
Hikaru Raido (UltraLive user)
Allies Alien Babarue, Alien Zetton, Dada,
Cicada Woman
Enemies Ultraman Ginga, King Pandon
Portrayed by Satoshi Furuya (Ultra Q),
Haruo Nakajima (Ultraman)
Voice actors Tomokazu Seki (Ultra Zone),
Koichi Toshima, (Ginga; X)
Sounds To be added

Kemur Man (ケムール人,   Kemūru Jin?) is a seijin that first appeared in episode nineteen of the 1966 television series Ultra Q.


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Ultra Q

Challenge from the Year 2020

Kemur Man 2

Kemur Man in Ultra Q

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The Forbidden Word

Kemur 1967

Kemur Man in Ultraman

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Ultraman Ginga

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Kemur 3

Kemur Man in A Midsummer Night's Dream

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The Twin-Headed Flame Beast

King Pandon vs. Kemur Man

Kemur Man against King Pandon in The Twin-Headed Flame Beast

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The Hater of Dreams

Kemur Man Teleporting Goo

Kemur Man in The Hater of Dreams

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Ultraman X

Feature Report! 24 Hours Inside Xio

Kemur Man, Alien Babarure, Dada & Alien Zetton vs. Ultraman X

Kemur Man alongside Alien Babarue, Dada and Alien Zetton against X in Ultraman X

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Other Media

Ultra Super Fight

Kemur Man Ultra Super Fight

Kemur Man in Ultra Super Fight

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Ultra Zone

Kemur Man Ultra Zone

Kemur Man in Ultra Zone

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New Ultraman Retsuden

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Human Disguise

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Super Speed

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Size Change

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Teleportation Goo

Kemur Man Teleporting Goo

Teleportation Goo

To be added

Shrink Gun

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The sounds Kemur Man emits are modified from the Matango's laugh, with the audio being played in reverse.



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