Juran in Ultra Q
Subtitle Huge Plant
(巨大植物,   Kyodai Shokubutsu?)
Nicknames The Mammoth Flower
Type Plant Kaiju
Home world Earth
Height 100 meters
Weight 3,000 tons
Enemies Humans, Litra
Portrayed by Puppets,
First appearance Ultra Q episode 4,
Mammoth Flower (1966)
Latest appearance Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle episode 2,
The Fifth Crewman (2007)

Juran (ジュラン,   Juran?) is a plant kaiju that first appeared in episode four the 1966 television series Ultra Q.


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Ultra Q

Mammoth Flower

Juran in Ultra Q

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Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

The Fifth Crewman

Juran in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

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Vine Roots

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Poisonous Pollen

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  • Juran's name is never mentioned in its episode appearance, instead it is referred to as "The Mammoth Flower".
  • In Ultraman Cosmos, the monster Parastan lives on the planet Juran, which is homage to the monster Juran.
  • Juran's name is also the name of a location in Ultraman Saga.

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