Grand King

Grand King in Ultraman Story

Super Grand King in Ultraman Ginga

Super Grand King Specter in an Ultra Fight Victory magazine

Maga-Grand King in Ultraman Orb

Grand King Megolos

Subtitle Normal:
Super Combined Monster
(超合体怪獣,   Chō Gattai Kaijū?)

Super Monster
(超怪獣,   Chō Kaijū?)
Earth King Demon Beast
(土ノ魔王獣,   Tsuchi No Maōjū?)

Type Chimera Cyborg Kaiju
Height Normal & Maga:
70 meters[1]

Super: 49 meters[2]
Specter & Megolos:
78 meters[3][4]

Weight Normal, Super,
Specter & Maga:

215,000 metric tons[1][2][3]

Megolos: 217,000 metric tons[4]

Forms Super Grand King,
Super Grand King Specter,
Maga-Grand King,
Grand King Megolos
Relations Juda (creator),
Alien Baltan (component),
Red King (component),
Gomora (component),
Alien Mefilas (component),
Eleking (component),
Alien Hipporit (component)
Allies To be added
Enemies To be added
Portrayed by Tomo Akira Miyamoto,
(Ultraman Story)
Arai Hiroyuki (Ultraman Orb),
Kenji Kajikawa (Ultraman R/B)
First appearance Ultraman Story (1984)
Latest appearance Ultraman R/B episode 20,
Memory of Stardust (2018)
[as Grand King Megolos]

Grand King (グランドキング,   Gurando Kingu?) is a chimera cyborg kaiju that first appeared in the 1984 film Ultraman Story.


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Ultraman Story

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Ultraman Ginga

Darkness and Light

Super Grand King

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Ultra Fight Victory

Super Grand King Specter

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Ultraman Orb

The King Demon Beast of Earth

Maga-Grand King

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Ultraman R/B

Grand King Megolos

Grand King Megolos against Rosso and Blu in Ultraman R/B

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