Subtitle Ancient Monster
(古代怪獣,   Kodai Kaijū?)
Nicknames Gomez, Gometius
Type Kaiju
Home world Earth
Height Showa:
10 meters

40 meters
Small Class:
18 meters[1]
Large Class:
50 meters[1]

Weight Small:
30,000 metric tons

40,000 metric tons
Small Class:
35,000 metric tons[1]
Large Class:
42,000 metric tons[1]

Forms Normal, Gomess (S),
Dark Thunder Energy
Relations Belyudra (component)
Allies To be added
Enemies To be added
Portrayed by Haruo Nakajima (Ultra Q),
Arai Hiroyuki (UM X)
First appearance Ultra Q episode 1,
Defeat Gomess! (1966)
Latest appearance Ultraman Z episode 23,
Prelude to a Nightmare (2020)
Dark Thunder Energy:

Gomess (ゴメス,   Gomez?) is an ancient mammal kaiju that first appeared in the first episode of the 1966 television series Ultra Q.


Due to Gomess' first costume being modified from the 1964 Godzilla suit, MosuGoji, Gomess has many similarities to the King of the Monsters. In general, he has a huge bulky build and a long tail that has a fin at the end. Gomess' torso is surrounded in a gray shell, which is tannish-pink in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey. The monster has three rows of spikes on his back, a spike on each arm, and two curved spikes on the back of his head. Gomess' mouth has sharp teeth and two large fangs. He also has a forward-curved horn at the top of his head and has three fingers on each limb. Despite being a mammal creature, Gomess entire body is covered in large, greenish-blue scales. The only hair he has is located around the back and sides of his head and his eyebrows.


Gomess' origins are mostly the same throughout his appearances, being a a prehistoric mammal kaiju from an underground origin. In Ultra Q, both Gomess and Litra are natural enemies from an ancient time in history. Upon being awaken by miners, Gomess began to attack the them, until Litra hatched from its egg and defeated the monster. Throughout most series afterwards, Gomess is an ancient monster from underground. In Ultraman Z, the first, small class Gomess is from the Cenozoic era. The second, large class simply appears without more information.


Ultra Q

Defeat Gomess!

Gomess in Ultra Q

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Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

Reionyx Hunter

Gomess (S)

Gomess (S) and Magular against Rei's Gomora in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

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Reionyx Battle

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Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends the Movie

Gomess (S) as a part of Belial's 100 Monster Army in Ultra Galaxy Legends the Movie

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Ultraman Saga

Gomess (S) against Cosmos in Ultraman Saga

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Ultraman Ginga

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Ultraman X

A Soldier's Back

Gomess (S) vs. X in Ultraman X

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Ultraman Orb

The Ultimate King Devil Beast Strikes Back

Gomess (S) alongside Telesdon and Demaaga against Orb in Ultraman Orb

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Ultraman R/B

The Minatos' Day Off

Gomess (S) in Ultraman R/B

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Ultraman Z

Chant My Name!

The small class Gomess in Chant My Name!

A monster from the Cenozoic era, the small class Gomess was rampaging in a Japanese city. The monster wondered about the city, terrorizing the populace. The 55 meter tall STORAGE mecha Sevenger arrived and engaged in combat with the monster. Meanwhile, STORAGE member Haruki Natsukawa was nearby and found a small dog alone and endangered by the battle. Haruki rescued the dog, only for Gomess to find him. Gomess attacked Haruki by smashing the overhang of the building, only for Haruki dodged the debris. Yoko Nakashima, who was piloting Sevenger, saw Haruki and attempted to save him. Sevenger then swung its arm at the much smaller Gomess and knocked the monster into the nearby building. This caused Sevenger to lose balance. With Yoko struggling to keep the mecha upright, the mecha collapsed into the building as well, crushing Gomess in the process, who ceased activity.

Prelude to a Nightmare

The large class Gomess in Prelude to a Nightmare

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  • Gomess is the vary first kaiju in the Ultraman Series.


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