Five King

Five King in Ultraman Z

Tri-KingKing in Ultraman Z

Subtitle Super Combination Monster
(超合体怪獣,   Chō Gattai Kaijū?)
Type Chimera Kaiju
Height 75 meters[1]
Weight 55,000 metric tons[1]
Forms Eteldummy Five King,
Relations Alien Chibull Exceller
Fire Golza (component),
Melba (component),
Reicubas (component),
Gan-Q (component),
Super C.O.V. (component),
Etelgar (creator),
Chimeraberos (fusion),
Shinya Kaburagi (creator/summoner),
Jugglus Juggler (summoner)
Enemies Ultraman Ginga,
Ultraman Victory,
EX Red King,
Eleking, King Joe Custom,
Ultraman Tiga,
Ultraman Dyna,
Ultraman Gaia
Portrayed by To be added
First appearance Ultraman Ginga S Episode 7:
Activate! Magnewave Operation (2014)
Latest appearance Ultraman Z Episode 15:
A Warrior's Duty (2020)

Five King (ファイブキング,   Faibu Kingu?) is a chimera daikaiju that first appeared in episode seven of the 2014 television series Ultraman Ginga S.


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Ultraman Ginga S

Activate! Magnewave Operation

Five King in Activate! Magnewave Operation

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Desperate Battle for Sunrise

Five King against Victory and Ginga in Desperate Battle for Sunrise

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Ultraman Ginga S the Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!

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Ultraman Geed

Main article: Ultraman Belial

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Ultraman Z

The Mystic Power

Tri-King against Windom and Sevenger in The Mystic Power

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A Warrior's Duty

Tri-King against Greeza in
A Warrior's Duty

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