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"Farewell, Ultraman"
Farewell, Ultraman
Series Ultraman
Episode # 39
Directed by Hajime Tsuburaya
Written by Tetsuo Kinjo
Air Date April 9th, 1967

Farewell, Ultraman (さらばウルトラマン,   Saraba Urutoraman?) is the thirty-ninth and original last episode of the series Ultraman.


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  • The original ending of the battle between Ultraman and Zetton was to end with Zetton killing Ultraman by destroying his color timer (instead of Ultraman falling unconscious) followed by Zoffy coming to Ultraman's rescue and thus being the one to kill Zetton in his place. However, Eiji Tsuburaya rejected this ending for being too violent.
  • The Ultraman Orb episode The Holy Sword, Restored is a tribute to this episode.

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