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Subtitle Bodyguard Monster
(用心棒怪獣,   Yojimbo Kaijū?)
Type Alien Kaiju
Home world Planet Nackle
Height 65 meters[1][2][3]
Weight 60,000 tons[1][2][3]
Forms Black King Drill Custom
First appearance Return of Ultraman Episode 37: Ultraman Dies at Twilight (1971)
Latest appearance Ultraman Taiga Episode 10:
Warriors in the Evening Glow (2019)
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Enemies To be added
Portrayed by Kazunori Yokoo

Black King (ブラックキング,   Burakku Kingu?) is an alien daikaiju that first appeared in episode thirty-seven the 1971 television series Return of Ultraman.


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Return of Ultraman

Ultraman Dies at Twilight

Black King Showa

Black King in Ultraman Dies at Twilight

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When the Ultra Star Shines

Nackle & Black King vs. Jack

Black King and Alien Nackle against Ultraman Jack in When the Ultra Star Shines

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Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends the Movie

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Ultraman Saga

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Ultraman Ginga

Town Where Stars Fall

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The Closed World

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Ultraman X

When the Aegis Shines

Black King Drill Custom

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Ultraman Orb

Juggler Dies!

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Ultraman R/B

A Brother's Bond

Black King 2018

Black King in Ultraman R/B

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Ultraman Taiga

Warriors in the Evening Glow

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Other Media


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Andro Melos

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Ultraman Retsuden

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Video Games

Kaiju Busters

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Ultraman Galaxy

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Black King's roars are modified from Mummy Human's roars.


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