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Subtitle Violent Alien
(凶悪宇宙人,   Kyōaku Uchūbito?)
Nicknames Zarab,
Type Seijin
Home world Planet Zarab
Height Normal: 1.8 to 40 meters[1][2]

2006: 1.8 to 50 meters

Weight Normal: 30 to 20,000 tons[1][2]

2006: 30 to 317,000 tons

Forms Imitation Ultraman,
Imitation Ultraman Mebius
First appearance Ultraman Episode 18:
The Brother from Another Planet (1966)
Latest appearance Ultraman Taiga Episode 23:
Clash! Ultra Big Match! (2019)
Relations Belyudra (component)
Allies To be added
Enemies To be added
Portrayed by Teruo Aragaki
(Ultraman; Ep. 18),
Fumio Ikeda
(Ultraman; Imitation Ultraman),
Rikimaru Yoshihiro (Ultraman X)
Voice actors Takeshi Aono (1966-2009),
Murakami Yo (Ultraman X),
Kazuki Takeuchi (Ultraman R/B)

Alien Zarab (ザラブ星人,   Zarabu Seijin?) is a seijin that first appeared in episode eighteen of the 1966 television series Ultraman.


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The Brother from Another Planet

Alien Zarab5

The first Alien Zarab in Ultraman

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The Forbidden Word

33 - alien zarab

The second Ailen Zarab in Ultraman

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Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers

Alien Zarab mebius

Alien Zarab in Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers

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Ultraman Mebius Side Story: Armored Darkness

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Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

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Ultraman Mebius Side Story: Ghost Rebirth

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Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends the Movie

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Ultraman Ginga

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Ultraman X

All For One


Alien Zarab in Ultraman X

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Ultraman R/B

A World Without Tomorrow

Alien Zarab 2018

Alien Zarab in Ultraman R/B

Ultraman Taiga

Clash! Ultra Big Match!

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  • Alien Zarab's suit in Ultraman was created by modifying the Ragon suit.


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