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Alien Icarus Ultraman X

Alien Icarus

Alien Icarus Ginga S

Subtitle Different Dimension Alien
(異次元宇宙人,   Ijigen Uchūjin?)
Nicknames Kyalian, Ikari
Type Seijin
Home world Planet Icarus
Height 2.5 to 40 meters
Weight 300 kilograms to 18,000 metric tons
First appearance Ultraseven Episode 10:
The Suspicious Neighbor (1967)
Latest appearance Ultraman X Episode 9:
We Are Nebula! (2015)
Relations Tyrant (component),
Beryudora (component)
Allies Dark Lugiel (master),
Alien Valkie (comrade),
Alien Nackle "Gray"
Alien Zetton "Berume"
Alien Nackle "Nackley"
Enemies To be added
Portrayed by Kunio Suzuki (Ultraseven),
Yazaki Taka
(Ultraman Ginga: Theater Special),
Kazunori Yokoo
(Ultraman Ginga S),
Daiki Yazaki (Ultraman X)
Voice actors Tomokazu Seki
(Ultraman Ginga S)

Alien Icarus (イカルス星人,   Ikarusu Seijin?) is an seijin that first appeared in episode ten of the 1967 television series Ultraseven.


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The Suspicious Neighbor

Alien Icarus 2

Alien Icarus in Ultraseven

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Ultraman Taro

Main article: Tyrant

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Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends the Movie

Main article: Beryudora

After Ultraman Belial was knocked into a river of lava by Ultraman Zero, the spirits of Belial's army of monsters reappeared along with numerous other monsters from the Monster Graveyard. All of the monsters, including Alien Icarus, then dived into the Lava where Belial had fallen before and combined together to create Beryudora, a 4,000 meter-tall colossus that had Belial as its brain. Alien Icarus was one of the many monsters that were a part of Beryudora's neck.

Ultraman Ginga: Theater Special

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Ultraman Ginga S

Battle for Tomorrow

Alien Valkie, Nackle, Zetton & Icarus

Alien Icarus alongside Alien Vaklie, Alien Nackle "Gray" and Alien Zetton "Berume" in Ultraman Ginga S

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Ultraman X

We Are Nebula!

UMX - Alien Valkie, Nackle & Icarus

Alien Icarus "Ikari" alongside Alien Valkie "Halkie", Alien Nackle "Nackley" in Ultraman X

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Human Disguise

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Size Change

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Arrow Beams

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Dimension Manipulation

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Object Materialization

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Dark Dummy Spark

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Icarus Pad

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