Alien Hook

Alien Hook in Ultraman Taiga

Alien Hook in Ultraseven

Reiblood Alien Hook in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

Subtitle Group Alien
(集団宇宙人,   Shūdan Uchūjin?)
Nicknames Alien Huk
Type Seijin
Home world Planet Hook
Height 1.8 to 40 meters[1]
Weight 65 kilograms to 10,000 tons[1]
Relations Beryudora (body part)
Allies Dorako
Enemies Ultraseven,
Alien Zetton,
Alien Pedan Harlan,
Alien Shadow Zena
Portrayed by To be added
Voice actors Iwata Eikei, (UGMMB:NEO)
First appearance Ultraseven Episode 47:
Who Are You? (1968)
Latest appearance Ultraman Taiga Episode 7:
To the Demon's Mountain!! (2019)
Sounds To be added

Alien Hook (フック星人,   Fukku Seijin?) is a seijin that appeared in episode 47 of the 1967 television series Ultraseven.


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Who Are You?

Alien Hook in Ultraseven

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Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

Reionyx Battle

Reiblood Alien Hook in Reionyx Battle

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The New Horizon of War

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Ultraman Geed

A Job Where You Investigate Aliens

Alien Hook losing against Zena in Ultraman Geed

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Ultraman Taiga

To the Demon's Mountain!!

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Other Media

Ultraman Boy

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