Alien Baltan
Subtitle Space Ninja
(宇宙忍者,   Uchu Ninja?)
Nicknames Valtan, Basical (UMCO:TFC), Dark Baltan
Type Seijin
Home world Planet Baltan
Height Normal:
Microscopic to 50 meters[1][2][3]

Junior: 45 meters
1979: 90 meters
1993: 65 meters
Psycho: 75 meters
Basical: 50 meters
NEO: 52 meters
Child: 120 centimeters
Tiny: 1.5 meters[4]
2005: 51 to 357 meters[1]

Weight Normal:
0 to 15,000 metric tons[1][2][3]

Junior: 30,000 metric tons
1979: 54,000 metric tons
1993: 23,000 metric tons
Psycho: 26,000 metric tons
Basical: 35,000 metric tons
NEO: 45,000 metric tons
Child: 15 kilograms
Tiny: 55 kilograms[4]
2005: 39,000 to 273,000 metric tons[1]

Forms Alien Baltan Junior,
Andro the Killer,
NEO Baltan,
Baltan Battler・Barel,
Revenge of Baltan,
Emperor Death Baltan
Relations Belyudra (component)
Allies To be added
Enemies To be added
Portrayed by Takeshi Sato (gen. I),
Hishiki Shōjiki (gen. Ⅱ),
Watanabe Yōji Haku (gen. Ⅲ),
Tomohiro Sato (UM 80),
Koichi Nara (UM80; small),
Murata Tetsushin (UMCO:TFC),
Shinya Shimokawa (UM Max)
Voice actors Shoichi Nishida (gen. Ⅱ),
Osamu Saka (RoUM),
Mikio Terashima (T☆UM),
Mizutori Tetsuo (UM80; ep 37),
Nishimura Tomomichi (UM80; ep 45),
Daisuke Gōri (UMCO:TFC),
Yukitoshi Hori (UMCO:TFC),
Rina Mogami (UMCO:TFC; Child),
Usoh Ozaki (UM Max)
First appearance Ultraman episode 2: "Shoot the Invader" (1966)
Latest appearance Ultraman X the Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman (2016)

Alien Baltan (バルタン星人,   Barutan Seijin?) is a seijin that first appeared in episode two the 1966 television series Ultraman.


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Ultraman (1966)

"Shoot the Invader"

Alien Baltan in Ultraman

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"Science Special Search Party Into Space"

Alien Baltan Ⅱ in Ultraman

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"The Forbidden Words"

Alien Baltan Ⅲ in Ultraman

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Return of Ultraman

"Revenge of Alien Baltan"

Alien Baltan Junior

Alien Baltan Junior against Ultraman Jack in Return of Ultraman

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The Ultraman

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Ultraman 80

"The Baltan Alien's Dreadful Zoo Scheme"

Alien Baltan V in The Baltan Alien's Dreadful Zoo Scheme

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"The Endlessly Challenging Soul of the Baltan Alien"

Alien Baltan VI in The Endlessly Challenging Soul of the Baltan Alien

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Andro Melos

Main article: Mecha-Baltan

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Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero

"On a Mission from M78"

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"Falling Stars Spell Trouble"

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"The Final Showdown?"

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Ultraman Cosmos: The First Contact

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Ultraman Max

"Welcome to Earth! Part 1: The Science of Planet Baltan"

Dark Baltan in Ultraman Max

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"Welcome to Earth! Part 2: Farewell Alien Baltan"

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Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends the Movie

Alien Baltan as a part of Belial's 100 Monster Army in Ultra Galaxy Legends the Movie

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Ultraman Ginga: Theater Special Ultra Monster Hero Battle Royal!

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Ultraman X the Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman

Several Baltans against Ultraman in Ultraman X the Movie

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Other Media

Ultra Fight

Alien Baltan in Ultra Fight

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Ultra Super Fight

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Main article: Alien Baltan/Gallery


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